Gary Goldberg Fine Arts
Quotes from the LA Times and The Washington Post photos of Golberg's work

A 43-foot mural featuring the undersea ruins of ancient Egypt’s Pharos lighthouse, with warm tropical colors deepening into rich indigos.  A sienna-hued Pompeian fresco transforming the walls of a dining room into a 1st Century “window.”  Sixty gold-leafed Byzantine stars alighting a cobalt blue ceiling dome.  A sun-streaked Mediterranean seascape, on tile, arched across a garden wall.   Provocative still-life and landscape paintings purchased by prominent collectors and exhibited in major Washington and New York galleries.

Gary Goldberg’s diverse artistic skills have earned raves from critics —and loyalty from his clients.


Gary Goldberg Fine Arts • 411 New York Avenue NE • Washington DC 20002 • Tel 202 543 0255

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